What We Do We develop and lead organizational strategy that drives winning.

The term “strategy” is often misunderstood. It’s not a mission/vision statement. It’s not a list of activities to hit the sales target. It’s not the M&A plan. Strategy is a set of interrelated choices that allows an organization to differentiate from competitors and win in the marketplace. It should be simple and effective; clear, concise and understandable. Strategy is the starting point for optimizing organizational performance and dramatically improving the organization’s odds of success. It can and should occur at the enterprise, SBU, brand, product, function, key account and initiative levels. Most organizations don’t have a winning strategy because they haven’t had access to affordable advising that utilizes a proven, straight-forward strategy framework.

We use the Play to Win strategic framework popularized by Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley to help clients simplify their strategy, improve resource alignment and efficiency, and drive better results.

We don’t believe strategy is a long planning document. We believe strategy is the answer to five straightforward, dynamic questions. We work directly with Executive and Management Teams to shape, hone, and codify strategic choices into a single page document that can be shared across the organization. We develop integrated communication plans that ensure team members understand how their activity plugs into the strategy. And, we develop and lead strategic processes to ensure clients stay on top of their choices in this fast paced, ever-changing environment.

  • The Cornerstones of an Organization

    Cornerstones provide strength and stability.  Most organizations unintentionally neglect strategy development which weakens performance.

    • Mission

      Why we exist as an organization.

    • Vision

      Where we are going. What the future can look like for us.

    • Values

      What we believe in. The expectations for how we work together.

    • Strategy

      The set of interrelated choices that differentiates us and allows us to Win.

  • Strategy is a very powerful tool that goes under-utilized by most organizations, functions, teams, and managers

    Definition of Strategy:

    Strategy is an interrelated set of choices that differentiates you from competitors and allows you to win in the marketplace.

    In short, Strategy is about Choices to Win!

  • Strategy is the Answer to 5 Questions

    A winning strategy requires specific, interrelated choices that cascade through the organization.  Specificity provides clarity and promotes speed, collaboration and efficiency.

    1. What does success look like?
    2. Where will we play?
    3. How will we win?
    4. What capabilities are required?
    5. What systems are needed?

Products / Services

We work with clients on either a project specific or retained service basis. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can work within your timing and budgetary constraints.

Strategy Development

Codify your strategy into one, easy-to-understand page.

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Strategy Deployment

Communicate & socialize your strategy throughout your organization and network.

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Strategy Process Management

Develop metrics and key management processes to measure and stay on top of your strategy.

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Strategy Training

Train teams how to think strategically and develop winning strategy.

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Meeting Facilitation

Lead strategy offsite meetings and team meetings.

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Marketing & Sales Plan Advisory

Develop & improve sales and marketing strategy and plans.

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