What We Do Strategy Deployment

Effectively communicating the organization’s winning strategy is just as important as developing it.  If you don’t tell employees about your key choices to win in the marketplace, they can’t begin organizing their work around those key choices.  Winning businesses are usually very deliberate about socializing their strategy regularly throughout the organization.  We aren’t talking about giving away trade secrets or competitive activities.  Strategy Deployment is about sharing key choices so employees know what is expected of them and ladder their activities to the organization’s winning aspiration.

We leverage our 20+ years in corporate communications and marketing to develop a clear communication plan.  Strategy Deployment is much like any communication campaign except it’s internally focused instead of externally focused.  To properly internalize key strategic choices, employees need to receive messaging at least 7-10 times.  We outline and develop messaging platforms all the way from strategy launch to review and maintenance to ensure your strategy is leveraged throughout all levels of the organization.