What We Do Strategy Process Management

Approximately 63% of corporate leaders say their organizations do NOT have good metrics to measure the performance of their business strategy. If you spend time developing and communicating your winning strategy, you should also spend time ensuring your strategy is working otherwise, your team’s valuable time is wasted. In addition to metrics for your strategy, you should also have regularly scheduled, periodic strategy updates to ensure your key choices still make sense.

A strategy is only as good as the environment it’s in. If the environment changes (competitive / customer action, new products, M&A, etc.), the organization’s strategy needs to adjust to those changes. Strategies don’t last forever. Most leaders don’t spend much time on strategy. Therefore, we outline and manage the strategy review cycle for clients. We update strategy materials, develop meeting agendas, prepare teams for updates, and moderate strategy review meetings. We ensure strategy action lists are properly delegated and organizational alignment occurs. We help keep the organization’s strategy fresh and up-to-date.