Is your organization Playing to Win or just Playing to Play?

Would you say your teams are winning, losing or just treading water? Unfortunately, most organizations spend incredible amounts of resources churning through countless initiatives, projects, and plans only to find themselves, at best, with minimal success or at worst, losing ground completely. Contrary to popular belief, winning does not start with your newest product launch, your expanded service coverage, or your lower price point. It doesn’t start with your overhauled management team, you expanded use of BI metrics or your renewed focus on the company culture. Winning in the marketplace starts with a winning strategy; one that’s intentional about making key choices that differentiate you from competitors and aligning resources against those key choices.


There are a few common barriers that keep organizations from winning.

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Is your strategy bold enough?

Effective strategy is about making bold choices to win. Those choices don’t need to be risky, but they do need to be clear and intentional. Most executives, leaders, and managers are taught to “leave options open.” However, indecision in strategy drives confusion and, ultimately, mediocre performance. You’ve likely been taught that “real” strategy is a lengthy, tedious and overly expensive process. To be clear, you don’t need a long planning document or management retreat to come up with your winning choices. Strategy is the answer to five straightforward questions.  We help clients answer these five questions and get them on the path to beating competitors and winning in the marketplace.

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Don't just hope for success.

Learn how you can move your business further, faster and dramatically improve your odds of success.

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Strategy should be Simple and Effective.

Strategy is not about long documents or presentations. It’s not about filling out hundreds of templates. Strategy should be simple and effective. If you can’t get your strategy on to one page, you are likely overthinking it.

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Struggling with Strategy? You aren’t alone.

Do you find yourself struggling with your organization’s strategy? Well, you aren’t alone. Most organizations (90%+ in my estimate) struggle to articulate their strategy in a clear, compelling manner.

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Strategy Planning Vs. Strategy Execution

I’ve been asked many times what the difference is between Strategic Planning and Strategic Execution. I’ve also had many leaders tell me that they handle the more strategic issues while their teams focus on execution.

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Partial Client List

“Even though we were growing as a company, I didn’t feel like we were actually winning. We thought we had a great strategy that resonated but Paul and Brett at Bold North Strategy Partners really helped us redefine our key choices and what to focus on to drive alignment throughout our resource base. They talked strategy in a language we all could understand and used a simple, clear and concise framework that helps us make better business decisions and drive better performance. These guys are awesome!”

- Craig Baillie / Brave New Media